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Prophetic Biography

The Wisdom behind the Multiple Wives of the Prophet

Al-Shafi‘i said: “Allah (Glorified is He) singled out the Messenger of Allah by obligating on him things which He alleviated from other than him, in order to increase his (Allah bless him and grant him peace) sanctity, and He permitted for him things which He made unlawful for other than him, in order to increase his honour and his exaltation.”
From this category is [the permission of] having more than four [wives]. This was permitted [for him] so that he ascends in the hearts of the Arabs in esteem and glory, because they would boast over sexual prowess. Furthermore, in terms of perfect power and moderate constitution, he was at the level of perfection attested to by the reports, and whoever was such, the precursors to this door [of perfection] would be dominant over him.