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Spiritual Discourses

Inner Dimensions of the Zakat

You should know that when a need presents itself to the poor person, and he entreats God about it either verbally or through hit condition, his entreaty knocks at the door of the Divine Generos­ity. Sometimes the best interest will be fulfilled by inspiring the heart of a pure person to furnish the remedy for his want. Thus, when the inspiration descends and he is provoked (to respond), he is given success, God is pleased with Him, and blessings flow to him from above and below, and from his right side and his left, and God’s mercy is upon him.

Spiritual Discourses

Inner Dimensions of the Fast

You should know that sometimes a person comprehends, due to God’s inspiring him with this knowledge, that his physical animalistic form is keeping him from what would constitute his fulfillment in terms of it’s obeying the angelic side. Therefore he comes to detest the animalistic side and seeks to shatter its force. He won’t find anything that helps him to do this as much as hunger, thirst, forswearing sex, and practicing vigilance over his tongue, heart, and limbs. Persistence in this is a cure for the sickness of his soul. There follows him one who learned this from the truthful news-bearer [the Prophet] with the witness of his heart, then next the one whom the prophets guided out of solicitude for him, while he did not realize it, so that he gets the benefit of this in the next life through the shattering of the [animalistic] form.